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I have been working on making a version of the controller that works based on the readings from a temperature sensor.  While I do not believe that this is the ideal method of control, many people have been asking for it…so I am making it.  Note that this will require you to either drill holes or run wires outside of the system, and I make no guarantees that it won’t kill your system either.

As I said, I really think this is a bad idea…my fan controller fixes a lot of issues including several that I didn’t even think of when I created it, but the initial goal was simply to set the fan to a constant speed to minimize the temperature fluctuations that cause the YLOD.  Because of this, I have optimized the program to try and keep the temperatures within a 10C range.  The fan runs at 10% speed up to 25C, then slowly increases speed to 20% at 35C…35C to 45C is the target range, and at 45C, the fan is spinning at 70% speed.  After 45C, the speeds rise sharply, until full fan speed is reached at 55C.  I will be dialing in these numbers to further minimize temperature fluctuations, but you get the general idea.  This is why I could not do this using a TLC555; the curve is not smooth.

I am still waiting for the parts to arrive so I can test it on the chip I designed it for…but it seems to work on an Arduino.  Once I can test it, I will write a guide and try to make everything as simple as possible.  I am going to be using the Arduino programming method because you can get an Arduino for less than the cost of most dedicated programmers, and a lot of you already own one.

More coming soon…