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Did a little bit of testing on the actual ATtiny45 tonight…everything seems golden so far.  Current hex allows for using a potentiometer/trimmer or a thermistor…and allows you to switch between the two while the system is running.  It is amazing how much you can do with one of these little chips!  Should work perfectly with the ATtiny85 as well…but not with the ATtiny25; not enough memory there.

I’m not posting any of the code until I have had a chance to test it some more…then I am going to post a step-by-step guide with instructions and source.

If any of you reading this want to be ready, here are the bits I am using:

Vishay NTCLE100E3104HB0 Thermistor

100 ohm & 20 ohm resistors (needed for programming only)

100K ohm resistor (only needed for thermistor mode)

ATtiny45-20U (should also work with the ATtiny45-10u, ATtiny85-10U, and ATtiny85-20U).

Murata PV36Y104C01B00 or CTS Electrocomponents 296UD104B1N or any other 100K potentiometer or trimmer (not needed for thermistor mode)

Arduino Duemilanove (needed for programming only)

Breadboard, jumper wires

3.3v voltage regulator (5.0v will also work, but only with fat consoles)

I’ll also be making use of the same bits I use to make the other versions PnP.