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“I have temporarely given up on the ATtiny…either I got a bad batch, or the arduino port is crap.  Either way, it kinda kills the whole idea of making something simple.”

—I was thinking that, and then I immediately thought, “The person who wants to drill holes and glue a thermistor to a heatsink that is only accessible by removing the system board is not the kind of person who is going to complain about complicated”

So, the ATtiny is out (at least for now).  I am going to continue development on an Arduino Pro Mini…code will be written to work with both the 3.3v and 5.0v versions.  Either version will work identically on the fat, but the slims will only work with the 3.3v version.  I’ll probably translate it to a diy guide using the DIP version of the ATMega328P eventually, or maybe that is how it will start…I have not decided yet.  All I have decided for sure is that this is not going to be simple anymore (I am going to need multipliers because the 328P does not have enough native I/O).  I want to make this a community project once I get the initial bits out there; I want to put together a bunch of headerless functions that people can copy-n-paste into their sketches to use various devices, and I want to put up a gallery of what people have done with these things.

I know, kinda ambitious at the moment…OK, OK, I’ll get back to coding!