Lots of FreePCB Footprints

Over the years I’ve piled up a lot of footprints in FreePCB…many are just to fit the current project, others may be the only part I ever used from a particular company.  Microchip Technologies fits into neither of these categories; I’ve used hundreds of different parts from them over the years.  To make things easier, I always make the base package footprint for a part and then make another copy of it with the pins labeled.  I recently noticed that I had almost all of the base footprints they have.  They offer a PDF that contains every device package they make, so I downloaded it and went looking for the ones I missed.  I made all of the ones I missed, then put the part footprints in order by package type (DIP, QFN, etc), followed by pin count.  I’m sharing these to save everyone else time.  The link (click the words “Lots of FreePCB Footprints” above this post) is a ZIP file.  Extract the two files within it to [FREEPCB DIRECTORY]\lib and restart FreePCB, you will now have all of these footprints.  Disclaimer: Some of the footprints have never been tested, I did my best with the information available, but many of the SMD parts don’t even have footprint designs in the PDF from Microchip Technologies, so without actually making boards and buying chips I cannot confirm they will work.  I am not responsible for any flaws in the boards you make, or for anything you do with these.