KillerBug is an old-school hacker who likes to fix things in simple, permanent ways.  He has stuck to hardware hacking since 1996, only venturing into software when absolutely necessary.

His name has two meanings.

The initial meaning was a technical one…a bug is a minor problem that allows you to keep going, but at the time I created this name, companies were using the term to refer to system killers…thus, KillerBug was born as a concept…a minor problem that does not prevent you from continuing, but does prevent you from from going forward…an oxymoron for an industry that forgot what their own terminology meant.  I started using the name to post logical questions to the lies of corporations and I was soon using it for everything else.

The second meaning came years later, when I bought my Toyota MR2 Spyder…I wasn’t even thinking of it when I signed up to post a few questions on an MR2 owner’s board, but when the name “KillerBug” was already taken, I figured it out right quick…the car has killer performance…and it is named after a bug.